Evatt Journal Vol. 3

Vol. 3, No. 5


News & views

How to stop America 

George Monbiot wants to globalise consent.  More 

Trade & labour: not so fast 

The debate's evolving, explains John Langmore.  More 

Understanding religious fundamentalism 

Randa Abdel-Fattah take up the issues.  More 

Australian egalitarianism in retreat

Frank Stilwell outlines the general arguments.   More 

Hugh Stretton recalls the history of liberal protest.   More 

Fred Argy's agenda for restoring equal opportunity.   More 

What do we do about those parties?

Stuart Hall looks at New Labour.  More 

Doug Cameron looks at postmodern Labor.  More 

What about the media?

Ken Parish replies to Tim Dunlop's essay on the weblogging phenomenon.   More 

Tony Moore critiques the war on the ABC, while Evan Jones excoriates the press for its coverage of the Iraq war.    More 

Union movement fires up 

Sharan Burrow addresses ACTU Congress 2003.  More 

Greg Combet addresses ACTU Congress 2003.  More 

Speaking to the heart 

Michael Kirby reflects on Mary Alice Evatt.  More 


Collisions: prospective, present & past 

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.  More 


The work/life collision

We must find our own approaches to care, argues Barbara Pocock.  More 

Work & family: background paper.  More 

New papers

Keith Windschuttle's fabrication of Aboriginal history

Whitewash: Robert Manne introduces the major reply to Keith Windschuttle.  More 

Shayne Breen assesses the denigration of Tasmanian Aboriginal society.  More →

Naomi Parry rescues the reputation of an Aboriginal patriot.  More →

Vol. 3, No. 3


News & views

War & peace

It's up to us: Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky.  More 

Out of the rubble, the last of Paul McGeough's exceptional Baghdad despatches.  More 

Guantanamo Bay is a brutal double standard, explains George Monbiot.  More 

Is there a Gulf War syndrome, asks Natasha Johnson.  More 

Phillip Knightley reviews Paul McGeough's Manhattan to Baghdad.  More 



Patricia Ranald warns of the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement.   More 

Yet another PPP deal falls in a heap, reports Phil Revell.   More 


Australia is an unhappy & unfair country

We must focus on wellbeing, not growth, argues Clive Hamilton.  More 

Egalitarianism is in retreat, explains Fred Argy.  More 

And it's just getting worse 

Now equal opportunity is to be thrown overboard, says Anne Summers.  More 

Working in America 

A US study has lessons for Australia, reports Roy Green.  More 



What's next? 

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.  More 

Intellectuals, democracy and empire

The Neo-cons have only just begun, says Joseph Cirincione.  More 

Robert Blecher traces the lines of the war's intellectual boosters.  More 

New papers


Towards the precipice 

The latest stanza in Robert Brenner's remarkable history of the postwar world economy.  More 



Inserting a new dialectic: governance 

We publish the chapter on globalisation and governance by Kevin Rudd from the Evatt Foundation's recent book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press).  More 

Vol. 3, No. 2


News & views

On the eve of war

We're all anti-Bushies now, suggests Immanuel Wallerstein.  More 

Nelson Mandela thinks the US doesn't care for human beings.  More 

Howard's conviction sends democracy overboard, notes Ghassan Hage.  More 

Naomi Klein discusses civil disobedience.  More 

Powell made no case for war, explains Phyllis Bennis.  More 

The UK-plagiarised 'intelligence' incident.  More 

Give Tone Blair a break, pleads Linda Heard.  More 

Let's win without war, say Emmylou Harris, Lou Reed & 64 other musos.  More 


Water's being rapidly privatised, reports Center for Public Integrity.   More 

Appoint an inquiry into SA's power industry, argues John Spoehr.   More 


Shock: World Bank backs trade unions! 

Official: unions lift workers & economies. Martin Lawrence reports.  More 

Meanwhile, a beautiful gift to the earth 

Uncovered: an El Dorado of orchids in the Andes. Fred Pearce reports.  More 

The passing of the master historian 

Martin Kettle appreciates the life of Christopher Hill.  More 

The 20th anniversary of the Hawke government 

You've read the press: a major study is imminent, reveals Tony Moore.  More 


The first casualty 

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.  More 

War, lies & the fourth estate

Chris Masters investigates journalism's murder mystery.  More 

Richard Ackland discusses Phillip Knightley and journalism.  More 

John Pilger introduces the new edition of Philip Knightley's classic.  More 

Phillip Knightley assesses the state of his craft.  More 

Memo to the media, from William Greider, Gore Vidal & other US writers.  More 



Thank you very much and good luck 

Take in a wider perspective. We publish the chapter on globalisation and the media by Terry Flew & Stuart Cunningham from Evatt's book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts.  More 

The first casualty: your essential guide 

The new edition of Phillip Knightley's classic study of war correspondents is now available for purchase from the Evatt Foundation. Discount for Evatt members.  More 

Vol. 3, No. 2


News & views

The coming war

Statements by the ALP, the Greens, the Democrats, and the ACTU.  More 

What exactly has oil got to do with it? Michael Klare explains.  More 


Michael Doran examines bin Laden's strategy.   More 

Dylan's Thunder 

May rock 'n' roll be relevant, pleads Ron Jacobs.  More 

Ireland loses the plot 

Investing in the knowledge-based economy, by Roy Green.  More 

The 'fabrication' of Aboriginal history 

John Quiggin scrutinises Keith Windschuttle.  More 


WA & NSW jump on the PPP bandwagon, reports David Carey.  More 

Sydney's inaugural heterodox economists conference 

It was an excellent start, reports Peter Kriesler.  More 

The father of the NSW House retires 

Ron Dyer's valedictory speech.  More 

Looking back on 2002 

How the Tampa sailed into 2002, by Robert Manne.  More 

There's always a progressive alternative, says Frank Stilwell.  More 


Looking to Europe 

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.  More 

Europe versus the US 

Will Hutton recounts the differences in his European Lecture.  More 

New papers

The state of political economy 

in the 50th issue of JAPE, Frank Stilwell surveys the movement.  More 

How did Australia's unions grow? 

Rae Cooper & Greg Patmore look at trade union organising & labour history.  More 

Public debt policy 

Bill Mitchell challenges the Evatt Foundation's submission.  More