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Evatt Journal Vol. 16

Vol. 16, No. 5

With best wishes for the season to all our members and readers.

News & Views

The cutting edge of inequality

Christopher Sheil has a quick look at the first World Inequality Report. More

Why not protect all our rights?

Elizabeth Evatt reflects on religious freedom and same-sex marriage. More

What use the Nobel Prize?

Tim Wright hopes the prize will compel Australia to rethink its nuclear stance. More

Amazon's industrial relations

Sarah Kaine and Emmanuel Josserand consider the implications. More

A historic tax heist

The NYT, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and others on Trump's terrible bill. More


The 1917 General Strike

Lucy Taksa draws out 1917's lessons for today. More

Universal Basic Income

The fight is there to be won, concludes Tim Dunlop. More

The paradise papers & the top 1%

Are we at French Revolution levels of injustice yet? More

Other info

The President's report 2017

Evatt's year in review. More

Vol. 16, No. 4

Evatt AGM

All members are entitled, invited and encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Evatt Foundation. Yes, it's once again time to review our activities over the past year and consider our direction for the next.

We are delighted to announce that our guest speaker is the leader of the NSW Labor Party, Luke Foley M.P.

Minutes of the last AGM and copies of financial statements will be available at the meeting. We hope you can join us in review and can promise some exciting plans for the year ahead. Refreshments.


Wednesday 18th October 2017, 5.30-6.30 p.m.

Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney. More

Membership renewal

Yes, this means that now is also the time to renew for your annual membership.

The Evatt Foundation relies on the continuing support of its loyal membership base.

Please renew online.


News & VIEWS

The ABS is wrong

Inequality is getting worse in Australia, explain Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell. More

The myth about marriage

Garry Wills examines the basis for recognising gay civil unions but opposing gay marriage. More

Born to be wild

The popular typecasting of generations is nonsense, explains John Quiggin. More

Prophets & profits

Bradon Ellem introduces his new book on the great struggle over the Pilbara. More


What's the meaning of the results in New Zealand, Germany and Norway?​ More

Lionel Murphy

We republish Manning Clark's tribute to one of the labour movement's biggest and brightest stars. ​ More

Inequality update

Labor's defining mission

We'll tackle inequality promises Bill Shorten. More

A big blow for fairness

Bill Shorten's statement on reforming the family trust rort. More

The challenge of our time

Read an extract from the ACTU's new report on inequality. More

Nobel laureates focus on inequality

Economics is turning to real life, suggests Steve Schifferes.​ More


Vol. 16, No. 3

News & VIEWS

The Petroleum Resource Rent Tax

A case of exceptional ineptitude, explain Frank Stilwell and Michael Vaughan. More

Penalty rates fall

It's wrong, say 75 economists. More


The OECD is rethinking, reports John Quiggin. More

Happy Birthday ACTU

Bill Shorten pays tribute on the 90th anniversary of the peak council. More

Inequality update

Fixing the Productivity Commission

Jenny McAllister wants to put the Productivity Commission to work. More

After Piketty

After Piketty: an agenda for economics and inequality. More

Want to change the world?

AIME animates education and equality. More

The Guardian joins the cause

Another inequality project. More

New inequality research

New inequality research on Australia, tax evasion and China. More

Feature: History in the Age of Fracture

Is Australian history still possible?

Frank Bongiorno has a thoughtful look at the 1980s. More

An honest history book?

Michelle Arrow launches a missile at recent mythology. More

Whither the 'social' in society?

In a wide ranging interview, Daniel Rodger discusses the Age of Fracture with Christopher Sheil.​ More

Vol. 16, No. 2


We stand up. We fight back.

Australia's new union chief, Sally McManus, goes to the Press Club. More

Penalty rates

The economics of the decision are perverse, explains Jim Stanford. More

The briefing note on possible transitions by the Centre for FutureWork. More

We may be at an inflection point

Time for realists to get real about nukes, says Ramesh Thakur. More


Democratising the Euro zone. More

Northern Ireland's Brexit warning. More

Inequality update

Capital in the 21st Century, the movie

The adaption for the big screen has begun. More

Evatt-related elsewhere

Engaging with the IMF on inequality

Frank Stilwell and Christopher Sheil recount the exchange with the IMF at Progress in Political Economy. More

Vale Bill Leak: Don't remember him as just a reactionary cultural reactionary

Christopher Sheil reflects personally on Bill Leak at ABC News Online. More

Vol. 16, No. 1


When truth becomes a commodity

‘Post-truth’ carries a catchy, advertising-agency ring, and that may be exactly what's wrong with it, explains Daniel Rodgers. More

Nuclear weapons in a time of universal deceit

Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act, says Melissa Parke. More

Trump and the future of progressive politics

This is a clarifying moment, suggests Tim Ayres. More

Inequality update

Out of the darkness

Frank Stilwell shines a light on inequality. More

China vs. the United States

A note on some new distributional accounts, by Christopher Sheil. More

University challenges inequality

UNSW is aiming at the heart of the upheaval, reports Clare Morgan. More

Eight rich men own as much as half the world

An economy for the 99%, by Deborah Hardoon (Oxfam briefing note). More

Anthony B. Atkinson: 1944-2017

Scholars mourn the passing of the groundbreaker. More

Feature: The IMF, inequality & hypocrisy

On 13 February, Evatt Executive members Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell published an article at The Conversation, querying the sincerity of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in reducing inequality. The article was republished in The Huffington Post, The Wire (India) and numerous other places on the internet. Remarkably, the IMF responded with both an official press release and at The Conversation, where the IMF's communications director, Gerry Rice, replied in the comments thread. Follow the story:

The IMF is showing some hypocrisy on inequality

The article by Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell at The Conversation. More

The IMF and a new global politics of inequality

The research by Alex Nunn and Paul White, on which the Sheil & Stilwell article was largely based. More

IMF: 'we are walking-the-talk'

The IMF rejects hypocrisy. More

Into the mainstream?

A brief reply to the IMF by Frank Stilwell at The Conversation. More

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