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Evatt Journal Vol. 6

Vol. 6, No. 6

News & views

Friedman, Pinochet & the Chicago Boys

Just when it was becoming safe to go into the workplace. More

The national day of action

Worth voting for. More

They're your rights; it's your future, says Sharon Burrow. More

Canberra unlimited?

George Williams explores the implications of the 'new' Corporations Law. More

Wanted: human rights

John von Doussa presents Australia's Human Rights Day Address. More

The lily & the pond

Steve Keen sees a recession we can't avoid. More


New leadership

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Kevin Rudd critiques Australia's foreign policy. More

Vol. 6, No. 5

News & views

Victoria on top, while WA & NSW slip

The Evatt Foundation measures the triple-bottom line. More

Australia in the early 21st century

Richard Woolcott lectures on human rights. More

Punishing the poor

Charities have refused to be co-opted, explains John Falzon. More

The fight of our lives

Kim Beazley addresses the ACTU Congress. More

NSW fights back

Peter Primrose outlines the big state's response to Howard's laws. More


The US election & Iraq ... & the State of the States

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Christopher Sheil introduces The State of the States 2006. More

John Dwyer maps the journey to better health care, in The State of the States 2006. More

Fred Argy proposes a fiscal policy for the future in The State of the States 2006. More

Vol. 6, No. 4

News & Views

Exclusive Brethren excludes unions

It's an industrial dictatorship, says Trevor Cormack. More

Fear & politics

Politicians have a new game, observes Carmen Lawrence. More

Workingman's blues

Ron Jacobs listens to Bob Dylan's Modern Times. More

Room for a view?

The Israel lobby is counterproductive, argues Antony Loewenstein. More

Australia's health system

Julia Gillard lectures on reform. More

Nuclear power

Richard Broinowski warns of proliferation. More


We are winning the debate over industrial liberties

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Greg Combet's vision. More


Speculating to the death

William Merrin reviews Jean Baudrillard on new media. More

J K Galbraith: 1908-2006

Evan Jones remembers a phenomenon. More

Vol. 6, No. 3


The campaign in defence of industrial and civil liberties takes off

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Kim Beazley says no. More

The ACTU President addresses the ILO. More

Bradon Ellem takes a historical measure. More

Doublethink rules, argues Braham Dabscheck. More



John Keane surveys the field. More

Vol. 6, No. 2

News & views

Nuclear energy & greenhouse

Not so fast, explains Mark Diesendorf. More

Is history fiction?

Ann Curthoys & John Docker address the big questions. More

Social democracy

Bring unions closer, argues Mark Buttigieg. More


The case for industrial & civil liberties

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Geoff Derrick argues that new strategies are needed. More

Abandon the reactive approach to rights, says George Williams. More

Vol. 6, No. 1

News & views


Chas Savage treats the legislative threat to freedom with contempt. More

The assault on Australia's workers

Howard fails the national test, argue Jeff Shaw & Monika Ciolek. More

There is another way, explains Greg Combet. More

The right to strike is down the WC, argues Chris White. More


Young people & politics

Generation Y voters are waiting, argues Rebecca Huntley. More

What is Hillsong doing right, asks Monika Wheeler. More

Focus on the diversity, advises Ariadne Vromen. More

Trade unions must be there before work, explains Damian Oliver. More


Public-private partnerships

Christopher Sheil reality checks PPPs. More

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