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Evatt Journal Vol. 8

Vol. 8, No. 4

60th Anniversary: Doc Evatt, the UN & the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Celebrating what it is to be human and free

Phillip O'Neill honours the Universal Declaration. More

Reflections on the 60th Anniversary

It's a big international story, and a bigger Australian story, reprises Christopher Sheil. More

Vol. 8, No. 3

News & views

Neoliberalism faces its Armageddon

Perhaps not, or perhaps the fight is already over as states around the world move to take control of the global financial market. Suddenly, all the big questions are back. You can listen to two of the world's leading economic theorists, Robert Brenner and J. Bradford DeLong, discuss "Global Capitalism and its Discontents" by going to Your Call, the daily call-in show of KALW public radio in San Francisco. Listen

The crisis of US hegemony

Walden Bello looks into the future of the Asia Pacific region. More

Banks must be kept in check

Westpac's bid for St George should be rejected, argues Evan Jones. More

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize

The Evatt Foundation congratulates Paul Krugman, who has kindly allowed us to publish several of his articles on our website in the past. His tribute to James Tobin reflects his own orientation. More

Vol. 8, No. 2

News & views

The world outlook

Read the full transcript of Paul Keating's address to the Melbourne Writers' Festival. More

Mocking the rule of law

Time's up for the Building & Construction Commission, explains George Williams. More

Vol. 8, No. 1

News & views

Jessie Street & human rights

Elizabeth Evatt reflects on progress in human rights through the prism of Jessie Street. More

A landscape of revolutions

Colonial Tasmania has been re-imagined by Jame's Boyce says Richard Flanagan. More

Fighting inflation with interest rates

Does the government's anti-inflation policy make sense, asks Harold Levien. More

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