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Evatt Journal Vol. 5

Vol. 5, No. 3

News & views

US-Iran nuclear row

Amin Saikal assesses Iran's options. More

Mohammad Sadeghpour speaks for Iranian resistance. More

No mistakes this time, says Arthur Chesterfield-Evans. More

A tale of two industries

Frank Muller on the revival of nuclear energy. More

Howard's industrial agenda

Greg Combet's address to the press club. More

Josh Bornstein on the myth of 'freedom of contract'. More


Destroying Australia's way of life

Howard's productivity arguments are nonsense, says John Della Bosca. More

Meg Smith analyses implications for equal pay and gender equity. More

Justine Evesson's notes from the front line. More


The right to strike in Australia

Chris White assesses Australia's labour law against international standards. More

Globalisation, revisited

Is the concept now meaningless, asks Christopher Sheil. More

Vol. 5, No. 2

News & views

Farewell Hitch

George Scialabba on Christopher Hitchens. More

Labor & the future

Sol Encel looks into the abyss. More

The heat is on

John Howard lacks ticker on climate change, says Anthony Albanese. More


Linda Weiss & colleagues on the US-Australia 'free' trade deal. More

What is it with the 'New' Tassie?

It's the culture, stupid, says Stewart Prins. More


Industrial Warfare

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Preparing for conflict

A fair day's pay: goodbye to all that, says Sharan Burrow. More

Coming soon, warns Warwick McDonald: workplace survivor. More

Chris White surveys the political basis for direct action. More

Vol. 5, No. 1

News & views

Iraq's election

Hold the hoopla, warns Juan Cole. More

Pre-emptive Invasions

The report on UN reform is good value, argues John Langmore. More

Australia's Kyoto paradox

Yes, it starts Wednesday, and Australia's not playing, to its detriment, says John Merson. More

Why consultants lie

Peter Griffiths introduces his acclaimed book on hunger and the World Bank. More

The tragedy of economics

The discipline is retreating to fantasy, argues Edward Fullbrook. More

Demolishing medicare

You don't have to be a genius, says Maurie Mifsud. More

Peace building in West Papua

Michela Noonan reports on the West Papua Project. More


The coming conflicts

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. More

Workers in Howard's sights

Howard's isolating workers, alerts Sharan Burrow. More

Doug Cameron surveys the labour movement's task. More

Freedom of contract zealots are mistaken, explains Stuart Macintyre. More →​


In defence of the Doc

Arthur Gietzelt tells the true story behind the outing of 'The Movement'. More

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