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'I agree with Piketty's most important conclusions', says Bill Gates. 

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Gough Whitlam by Clifton Pugh
21 Oct 2014
He's embedded in the nation.
1 Oct 2014
Speaking of inequality, Mayor de Blasio goes to Manchester.
Jeff Pryor from The Saturday Paper
1 Oct 2014
Evatt editorial
1 Oct 2014
Company tax rorts, fiscal policy, consciousness, and the gender gap.
26 Sep 2014
Bill Shorten and Michelle Rowland write an open-letter
26 Sep 2014
There are cuts you haven't heard about, explains Tony Evans.


30 Sep 2014
Charlie Ward comes full circle in search of his father.
30 Sep 2014
Marcus Rediker discusses the birth of egalitarian ideas.
30 Sep 2014
The author and his classic work on Australian egalitarianism, by John Hirst.
28 Sep 2014
How egalitarianism was institutionalised on pirate ships, by Marcus Rediker.
2 Sep 2014
Christopher Sheil recalls an old war, when Australia saved the day.
23 Aug 2014
Has Australia arrived at a turning-point, asks Frank Stilwell.