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"The ideal society is not outside the real society; it is part of it."

—  Emile Durkheim


By becoming a member you will be helping to uphold ideals that will contribute to making this world a better place for everyone.

By joining you will be helping to enrich the public debate on important issues through our events, publications and website, which feature ideas, opinions, research and analysis from Australia and around the world of interest to the labour movement, its supporters and the like-minded.

By joining you will be helping to support the Evatt Foundation. Evatt is a self-governing non-profit institution affiliated with the University of Sydney. We aren't affiliated with any political party or corporation. We don't receive any government or corporate grants. Our website carries no paid advertising. We don't charge you to read Evatt material. Many of our events are free. We rely on the goodwill and effort and loyalty and support of our members, friends and sympathisers. By joining you will be saying that you too want to help uphold the ideals for which the Evatt Foundation stands.

By joining you will not incur any obligations. No one will start hassling you. You will be able to just relax in knowing that you're a valued member and part of something meaningful. On the other hand, if you want to be more active, by becoming a member you will be able to participate in guiding the direction of the Foundation. If you live outside Sydney, we would like to help you establish an Evatt presence in your region. If you live outside Australia, you're also welcome. Dr Evatt exemplified Australian internationalism.  

By joining Evatt you will be identifying with progress and helping to raise public consciousness of the value of social justice, equality, democracy and human rights. There's no good reason not to become a member, and it's easy. You can join right now by downloading and returning the attached membership application form, or by using our online payment options below. Please, join us. If you have any problems, contact us.

  • Concessional

    Every year
  • Individual

    Every year
  • Small organisations

    Every year
    Small-sized or community organisations
  • Medium organisations

    Every year
    Medium-sized, regional or state organisations
  • Large organisations

    Every year
    Large-sized or national organisation

Membership will automatically renew yearly. Please get in touch if you wish to terminate your membership.

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