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Want to change the world?

Evatt Foundation

AIME says the answer is equal education, and has produced a gorgeous animation to promote the idea of education mentoring worldwide.

AIME stands for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, a charity that runs a mentorship program designed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students equal educational opportunities. Commencing in  2005 with a Year 9 program for 25 kids, 25 mentors, one school and one partner university; in 2016, AIME had to 6686 mentees, 2255 mentors, 340 schools and 18 university partners (annual report here).

Many AIME students have transitioned from high school into university, employment and further training at the same rate or better than other cohorts of students from the same age groups. The organisation has now launched an international competition for young people to utilise its mentoring model and replicate what it has achieved in Australia (details here).

The animation was created by AIME in collaboration with M&C Saatchi, Sydney and the Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz. AIME CEO Jack Manning Bancroft upholds the mentoring model as a solution to ending inequality for the most disadvantaged kids around the world. 'It’s about using the two key economic levers of university and high school and building a bridge between the powerful and powerless. So, with one university at a time we create fairer communities and a rapidly more equal and just globe.'


Suggested citation

Evatt Foundation, 'Want to change the world?', Evatt Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3, July 2017<>


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