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Danielle Celermajer


Vice President of the Evatt Foundation

Danielle is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney, and the Deputy Director of the Sydney Environment Institute. Her expertise lie in human rights, theories and practices of justice and the intersection between human, environmental and animal justice and ethics.

She has worked in the field of human rights across a number of different types of organisations - government, non-governmental and now in the academy. The perennial questions that have underpinned her work in all of those roles are: 'What is just and fair (in this situation)?', and 'What would we need to do or to be to get closer to realising justice (in this situation)?' and 'How can we (humans) transform ourselves and our practices so that we are more open to the experience, hopes and suffering of others (human and non-human)?'

In the last ten years, Danielle's work has focused on developing effective human rights education, the prevention of torture and, more broadly, on developing effective strategies for preventing human rights violations. She is now seeking to join up the hereto disparate fields of human rights and democracy, environmental justice and ethics and animals rights and ethics. This move has been in recognition of the shared vulnerability and fate of all earth beings in an ear of radical environmental crisis and political fragmentation.

Prior to joining the academy, Danielle worked as a policy advisor and speechwriter to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and the Race Discrimination Commissioner in the Australian Human rights Commission.

The Evatt Constitution provides for one Executive Member to be nominated by the University of Sydney. Following her nomination, Danielle was elected to the Evatt Executive.

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