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Andrew Mack


Member of the Executive Committee

Andrew is a political economist, policy analyst, teacher, film-maker and rock saxophonist. From an early career in the wool textile industry, he began an extensive involvement with the labour movement. He worked in Canberra with ALP Federal Secretary Mick Young on the 1972 ‘Its Time’ election campaign and became an adviser to the Health Minister, Dr. Neal Blewett. He also worked with the South Australian government, in particular Peter Duncan, the Attorney General in the Dunstan government, and has held several leadership positions in the Australian Theatrical and Amusement Employee Association (latterly the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance).

Andrew has a BA in economics from Flinders University, honours in political economy from the University of Adelaide, and a doctorate from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney. His work has been published by Dissent, the Journal of Australian Political Economy, the Society of Heterodox Economists, the Australian Political Science Association, Australian Quarterly, the Australian Journal of International Affairs and the Australian Journal of Political Science. He has lectured in political economy and Asia Pacific studies at Adelaide University, Sydney University, UNSW, Macquarie University, and Open Learning Australia, and is now a senior research fellow in the Department of International Relations at Macquarie University and teaches the political economy of East Asia as an adjunct professor with Boston University.

Andrew's research priorities include an investigation of the sources and impacts of economic crises on systems and processes of regional organisation in East Asia, the teaching of political economy, and the political economy of corruption in East Asia. A long time editor of the Journal of Australian Political Economy, he is presently working with Macquarie University’s Soft Power Advocacy and Research Centre on a critique of government public diplomacy policies.

His career in the entertainment industry included board membership with the film development corporation, Film South, and the Sydney-based film production company, Macau Light Co. Andrew is a woodwind player and teacher and a founder member of the rock-blues band Red Dog.

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