Evatt Journal Vol. 2

Vol. 2, No. 8


News & views

War with Iraq

A condemnation of US policy by the historian of modern warfare, Gabriel Kolko.  More 
Nerrissa Bradley reports on Australia's weekend of action against war.  More 

Read Sydney's anti-war speeches by Sharan Burrow, Judy Davis, John Pilger, Kassim Abood, Pat Power & Rawan Abdul Nabi.  More 

'War' on terror Fran Kelly interviews Simon Crean on the ASIO deadlock.  More 

What are we here for? In his new book, Goodbye Babylon, Bob Ellis faces the music . More 

Inequality: latest research 

Company tax rorts, fiscal policy, consciousness, and the gender gap. More 

Economic vandalism 

Tony Evans raises some cuts you might not have heard about.  More 


The year in review 

President Bruce Childs, presents his annual report. More 

New papers

The enduring significance of John Rawls 

Martha Nussbaum.  More 

Vol. 3, No. 5


News & views

Australian egalitarianism in retreat

Frank Stilwell outlines the general arguments.   More 

Hugh Stretton recalls the history of liberal protest.   More 

Fred Argy's agenda for restoring equal opportunity.   More 

Inequality: from the Evatt archives


Contesting inequality 

Has Australia arrived at a turning-point, asks Frank Stilwell. More 

Battlers & billionaires 

Australia's egalitarian ethos is endangered, warns Andrew Leigh.  More 

Redressing inequality — 125 years ago 

Christopher Sheil recalls an old war, when Australia saved the day. More