Evatt Journal Vol. 2

Vol. 2, No. 8


News & views

War with Iraq

A condemnation of US policy by the historian of modern warfare, Gabriel Kolko.  More 
Nerrissa Bradley reports on Australia's weekend of action against war.  More 

Read Sydney's anti-war speeches by Sharan Burrow, Judy Davis, John Pilger, Kassim Abood, Pat Power & Rawan Abdul Nabi.  More 

'War' on terror Fran Kelly interviews Simon Crean on the ASIO deadlock.  More 

What are we here for? In his new book, Goodbye Babylon, Bob Ellis faces the music . More 

Inequality: latest research 

Company tax rorts, fiscal policy, consciousness, and the gender gap. More 

Economic vandalism 

Tony Evans raises some cuts you might not have heard about.  More 


The year in review 

President Bruce Childs, presents his annual report. More 

New papers

The enduring significance of John Rawls 

Martha Nussbaum.  More 

Who's afraid of public debt? Papers from the Evatt breakfast seminar

Different dimensions of debt, by Frank Stilwell.  More 

Is zero government debt desirable? by Tony Aspromourgos.  More 

Politics & the English language 

The times dictate republishing George Orwell's classic essay.  More 


Commonwealth Debt Management Review 

The Evatt Foundation's submission to the Costello review of public debt policy.  More 

Vol. 2, No. 7


News & views

The academic community says no to war, succinctly 

A US-based open letter from 32,000 academics.  More 

Too many wars in the history of 'paradise' 

The bombing was merely Bali's latest horror, recalls Ilija Trojanow.  More 

George Bush channels George Orwell 

Can a president be charged with plagiarism, wonders Daniel Kutzman.  More 

The axis of good 

Lula! Judy Rebick writes.  More 

PPPs & neo-protectionism in the UK 

Tony Blair only pretends to free markets, says George Monbiot.  More 

And death machines were rumblin' ... 

Vit Wagner talks to Steve Earle about his stunning new album.  More 

Of course they knew 

John Faulkner reports on the children overboard affair.  More 


Zero public debt & democracy in the global era 

President's perspective.  More 

Who's afraid of public debt?

Bond traders take on Costello, by Philip Baker.  More 

Fred Argy recounts how zero public debt can erode society.  More 

The Evatt Foundation in association with the Australian Financial Markets Association presents a seminar

on public debt.  More  

New papers

A history lesson on Iraq: the roots of revolt 

Phillip Knightley  More 

Iraq & the war on terror 

Al Gore reject the Bush Doctrine.  More 

Is paid maternity leave enough? 

Nick Sherry's super ideas for Labor.  More 

PPPs spread to South Australia 

John Spoehr  More 

The trouble with PPPs: an un-holy alliance 

Christopher Sheil  More 

A Senate inquiry into the GATS? 

Craig Emerson  More 


It never has been easy: democracy 

A sample chapter from Evatt's new book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press). More 

Vol. 2, No. 6


News & views

War with Iraq? 

No, argues Ron Jacobs.  More 

The crisis of American capitalism 

It's double jeopardy in the heartland, says Walden Bello.  More 

Solidarity, rock 'n' roll style 

John Densmore discusses the legendary music and philosophy of The Doors.  More 


GATS spells danger, explains Patricia Ranald.  More 

Privatisation can be a death sentence, warns the PSI.  More 

Kenneth Davidson sums up PPPs.  More 

A great read, but ... 

Carmen Lawrence critiques Don Watson's Keating.  More 

It's done 

Bob Hawke and Neville Wran deliver the report on the ALP.  More 


The life and art of Mary Alice Evatt

Bruce Childs and Amanda Lawson introduce Mary Alice Evatt 'Mas' 1898-1973.  More 

Melissa Boyde reviews the life and work of Mary Alice Evatt.  More 

'Mas': A memoir, by Rosalind Carrodus.  More  

New papers

Ethics, politics & mutual obligation 

Jeremy Moss  More 

What role for Telstra?

A break-up would be against the national interest, argues Ros Eason.  More 

Renationalise (and divest), argues John Quiggin.  More 

ALP discussion papers

Nick Sherry's super ideas for Labor.  More 

Union: Labor's super policy is naive.  More 

Manufacturing matters, insists George Campbell.  More 


Liberals smashed 

Following Tasmania's first position in The state of the states 2002, the government stormed home in the State poll. More 

Vol. 2, No. 5


News & views

Nasty, brutish and short-sighted 

Don't sob too much, says Pierre Tristam.  More 

Who are the idiots now? 

The corporate turmoil vindicates the globalisation activists, notes Sean Gonsalves.  More 

US must face harsh realities 

It's a crisis born of pernicious conservatism and unadulterated greed, argues Will Hutton.  More 

Tassie stays on top, while Queensland slips 

Tasmania makes it two in a row in The State of the States 2002.  More 

Defining hegemony 

John Harms reviews Stupid White Men  More 

Women's suffrage: 100 years on 

Today's women must step up, argues Susan Ryan. Look again, replies Tanya Plibersek.  More 

High stakes for working women Anne Summers analyses the state of play on paid maternity leave.  More 

PPPs are public fraud 

False accounting disguises tax theft, charges George Monbiot.  More 

Another UK rail disaster: not many dead 

Following Potters Bar, the New Statesman lashes privatised UK rail.  More 


Union chief at the press club 

Greg Combet spells out the Australian trade union agenda.  More 


Leaders wanted! 

Claude Martin looks to the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development.  More  


Selling sex 

Raelene Frances puts the workers at the centre of the story.  More 

A nation behaving badly

Refugees present a moral problem, argues Julian Burnside.  More 

Australia's elusive bill of rights 

Robert McClelland thinks he knows the way forward.  More